Welcome to the Celestial Citadel

We are Starspun Games

Our game, Scintilla, is a 3D puzzle-platformer that lets you switch, converge, diverge, and take control of three different characters – each with a unique perspective that dynamically affects both the atmospheric visuals and interactable world!

Three Paths. Three Fates. One Wish.

  • Take control of Aurora, Soleil, and Lucine as they venture towards the Astral Monolith, a once powerful, wish granting monument.
  • Explore the Celestial Citadel, an ancient city wreaked havoc upon by a mysterious force known as The Nothing.
  • Forge friendships between the three characters as they make a perilous journey through the ruins and reclaim their fates.
  • Overcome dynamic puzzles and unique platforming challenges in various environments.
  • Save the galaxy from the dark force wiping out your fellow stars while collecting enough star energy to restore the city to its former glory!