A Celestial Odyssey Begins...

The Celestial Citadel was once a thriving city built beneath the cosmos for the spirits of celestial bodies to commune and revel within. At its heart is the Astral Monolith, a monument built by the eldest stars and imbued with an ancient power to grant the wishes of those with a worthy offering. For centuries, stars from near and far traveled across the galaxy to gaze upon its marvels and celebrate in the festivities of the splendor and light.

Now, as the stars have begun fading from the night skies, ruin is all that remains of the great capital. A darkness, vast and volatile, lingers amidst the cosmos and has taken all but the last drops of magic from the Monolith. Scintilla tells the story of three celestial bodies, Aurora, Soleil, and Lucine, whom have been brought together in these ruins under fateful circumstances. Together, they seek out the Monolith in hopes of fulfilling their wishes and finding home once again…

One World, Three Perspectives

Aurora, Soleil, and Lucine are all gifted with unique perspectives and abilities that cause each of them to perceive and interact with the Celestial Citadel in different ways.

As a planet, Aurora sees the world in a physical plane wherein lights and shadows are only mere effects. She has the ability to interact with physical and mechanical objects such as levers, switches, and wheels to manipulate her environment. She also has a power dash which can be used for an extra boost either on the ground, or more importantly, in the air!

Soleil, on the other hand, is a Yellow Star who can see into the luminous plane. This grants him access through light-based objects, such as doors, that are physical obstacles for the other characters. As a radiant star, he has the power of pyrokinesis which can be used in fire based puzzles such as lighting torches. True to his somewhat overzealous personality, he can also perform more agile movement and rocket jumps.

Finally, Lucine, a Black Star, has the ability to perceive the Umbral plane, which allows her to see and traverse across areas that are obscured to other characters. Like actual black stars, she also has the ability to manipulate gravity and can pull certain objects into her own kinetic field. Further, she can extended airtime after jumping which can be used as a gliding maneuver upon descent.

Split Up or Unite Together!

The abilities of the characters combine into one with our Convergence mechanic. Now, instead of controlling 3 separate characters across a map, the player can cycle through Aurora, Soleil, and Lucine within one playable character. Our 3 heroes can combine at special Convergence Altars, which are in set locations across the levels. Converging allows the player to tackle more complex platforming where one or even two characters might not get the job done.

Not only that, but players can Diverge on the fly. This allows the playable character to become three separate entities again, which enhances the depth of puzzles . It also makes the player think about who is needed to solve each problem and the consequences that could occur if you left one of the characters behind.