Thank you for your interest in playtesting Scintilla!

Scintilla is currently still in development! If you're interested in trying the game for yourself, please click one of the buttons on the side for our most recent build. The game is updated week by week, so if you're interested in keeping up with our current progress check back weekly for the newest build. Once you've downloaded the recent build's zip file, unzip it and run the executable. Your astral adventure has begun!

After you've played Scintilla, please fill out our playtest survey! At Starspun Games we take your critique very seriously and are constantly making changes to better enhance your experience as a player.

If you're interested in playing our past builds and seeing how Scintilla has reached the state where it is now you can find the older versions in this directory.

Thank you once again for your continued support of Scintilla!

How to play:

Scintilla is a third-person, single player game that utilizes a mouse and keyboard.

Keyboard/Mouse Controls:

WASD- Movement

Mouse- Camera Control

Space Bar- Jump

Right Mouse Button- Cycle Characters Right

Left Mouse Button- Cycle Characters Left

E- Interact

Shift- Special Movement Ability

Q- Diverge

Esc- Pause Menu

Controller Controls:

Joysticks - Move and look

X- Jump

Right Bumper- Cycle Characters Right

Left Bumper- Cycle Characters Left

B- Interact

Y- Special Movement Action

A- Diverge

Esc- Pause Menu