New Member Guide

Welcome to the Team!

On behalf of Starspun Games, welcome fellow developer! We are always excited to bring in new talent and are looking forward to working with you throughout this process . The following documentation is intended to make your integration into our development team as quick and simple as possible. Of course, if you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask someone for assistance. We promise, we don't bite!

What is Scintilla?

So what exactly are you working on? What kind of game is Scintilla?

Scintilla is a 3D 3rd person puzzle-platformer that lets you swap, combine, split, and take control of three different characters. The story follows three star spirits, Aurora, Soleil, and Lucine, whom have been brought together by tragic circumstances. Together they seek out scintillae to restore light to the Monolith, an ancient wish-granting stone. In game, the player takes control of the three characters—each with their own unique ability, story, and perspective of viewing the world.

Key selling points include:

    • Spatial Party Management
      • Control and switch between different characters in separate locations to maneuver around the world
    • Character Convergence
      • Merge multiple characters into one controller to switch between their abilities in quick succession for fast-paced obstacles
    • Perspective Swaps
      • View the world in three unique visual perspectives that not only affect lighting and atmosphere, but even change different platforming elements
    • Hybrid Puzzle-based Platforming
      • Navigate a dynamic environment by solving mechanical and light based puzzles to create new paths and reach new heights
    • Multi-ending Narrative
      • Uncover the stories of each character and the lore of the world through charming dialogue to unlock up to four different endings

For a full disclosure of game details, please refer to our Game Design Document.

Getting Acquainted

Below are the contacts for our team leads. If you ever need to reach out for any questions, guidance, review, and/or approval, they are the primary points of contact and are more than willing to work with you to resolve any issues or concerns.

Sara Nichterlein

Producer | Writer

Zachary Perry

Assistant Producer | Level Designer

Alex Gallegos

Technical Director | Programmer

Sophia Nelson

Art Lead | Surfacing | Lighting

Likewise, Starspun is comprised of a wonderful group of other talented and highly motivated developers. Get to know all of our friendly faces in the Team Roster!

Staying Connected

Staying up to speed on updates, tasks, and new content is essential to keeping on track in our fast-paced environment. The following are two of our primary resources for communication and content management:


Our group uses Discord to communicate on almost a daily basis. It functions as a hub of topical channels, news alerts, remote-call meetings, and general discussion. As such, if you need to contact anyone on the team, bring something to attention, or post an update en mass, the server is the most standardized place to do it. We ask that you join our Discord group at your earliest convenience. If you have not already received an invite, please request permissions from a team lead.

Upon joining, please change your displayed nickname to the following format: "FirstName || TeamRole/s" (i.e. Jane || Marketing/VFX Artist).

Google Drive

Our Google Drive folder is an archive of numerous documents, ascribed notes, artwork, and builds for download. To uphold our standards of organization, we ask that you take some time to familiarize yourself with the content in each folder. The drive is a great resource for finding information proactively and is updated weekly with new content. You can access the drive here. If you do not have permission to edit or access, please request permissions from a team lead.

Starspun Culture & Etiquette

At Starspun Games, everyone is expected to pull their weight and contribute towards both long and short-term goals each week of the production cycle. Every member is expected to keep track of and complete their weekly tasks, participate in meetings (your ideas and opinions are just as valuable to us), and to communicate any updates or problems encountered. We highly encourage speaking up and sharing your thoughts with the group -- if you have any proposals for the betterment of the team, please share them -- we're always looking to improve!

On the subject of meetings, we generally try to come together as a group at least once a week while smaller department-oriented meetings are interspersed throughout the week and are scheduled on a need-based precedence. Attendance at the large group meeting is very important, but we understand that life happens or locations and times may not always align. If you are unable to be physically present, calling in on Discord is typically the next best alternative. If you are unable to participate at all, please follow-up as soon as possible to keep up with the latest updates and talking points.

Regarding etiquette, our policy is to be respectful of each of your teammates -- simply put, treat others as you would like to be treated. Should a conflict arise, please feel free to reach out to a lead for assistance, but simple communication is often the best remediation. Note that no discrimination, defamation, bullying, or harassment of any kind will be tolerated.

Production Pipeline

Almost there! Last but not least, an understanding of our pipeline will better prepare you for the typical workflow of tasks.

Reference Resources

Art Template

Art Pipeline

Technical Pipeline

Technical Reference

Keeping up with Airtable

Airtable is our main manager of art, modeling, animation, narrative, and audio related production. Tasks are assigned, updated, and approved through Airtable to ensure a cohesive transfer of work from one teammate to another. It is imperative to check it on a regular basis and update task statuses so other teammates can be able to track progress at a glance. All members joining the art development team are required to create an Airtable account (if one is not preexisting) and join our workspace. For creator access, please contact your art lead or assistant producer.


How should I communicate with my teammates?

Through Discord in the appropriate channels (outside of in-person conversations).

Where can I find archived documents and meeting notes?

Archived artwork, meetings, and references are located in respective folders within the Google Drive. Should you need help locating something specific, reach out to one of your producers.

What should I do if I miss class or a meeting?

Reach out to one of the project leads or a peer to stay up to date on recent happenings and revisions.

What should I do if I need help or get stuck on a task?

Reach out to one of the project leads as soon as possible so that they may assist you, find additional help, or raise awareness of the problem. Also change the task status on Airtable accordingly.

When / How often should I check the Airtable?

As often as possible for recent updates and uploaded assets. Checking daily or every other day is most ideal.

What should I do when I finish a task?

Update the status on Airtable and/or upload the respective files/assets. Additionally, you should notify the corresponding team members in the pipeline through Discord (i.e. If a 3D model is finished, update the status and inform the texturing artist and level designer, etc.).

Do I need to get playtests?

Yes, each member is required to get the determined quota of playtesters for the given week.

Do I need to play the game?

Yes, each member is should play the game when they can and familiarize themselves with new changes, the gameplay loop, and general controls. Internal bug-fixing will save us a lot of time rather than relying solely on playtesters. And don't worry, you don't have to be a star player ;)